About S and J Engineers

Founded in 1984, S and J Engineers was founded by Steve Daniels, who had spent many years in the heavy engineering industry. The business became a Limited Company approximately 18 years ago.

S and J engineers are in a unique position to offer the older skills such as pattern making and one off and short run foundry castings. We also offer profile cutting by flame, plasma or laser, and more modern techniques are available too like wire eroding and resin modelling. Another arm of S and J Engineers is the industrial heritage sector such as traction engines

The Company has always specialised in the production of “One Off” components and short batch runs. One of Steve’s great passions in life is industrial archaeology and architecture, and particularly machinery including steam traction engines. S and J Engineers has a niche market – construction and repair of steam traction engines, miniature and full sized, 99% of all components manufactured in house, from original works drawings, often many years old.