S and J Engineers - Frequently asked questions

Q) Can you make it?
A) We’ll have a very good try, if it’s been made before probably, YES

Q) When can I have it?
A) As soon as we have decided if it’s possible, Quoted for the cost of materials and machining and postage and packing and have accepted your order. You will be given a delivery date

Q) How Much?
A) Before work is begun you will be quoted for the whole job

Q) Will it be what I want?
A) After we have established “EXACTLY “ what is required, E.g.  Material spec, Tolerances etc. YES.

Q) Can you make more?
A) Yes

Q) Can I alter my design?
A) Yes

Q) Can I send you the other part that mates with it?
A) Yes

Q) If I’m a novice and need your advice will you help me?
A) Yes

Q) Am I in safe hands?
A) Yes